Arm Lift

With the advancement of age, conditions such as sagging of the skin layer, weight gain and loss occur. With the progression of the age factor, the structure of elastic and collagen fibers is destroyed and the problem of lubrication in the subcutaneous layers occurs. As a result of this situation, sagging and relaxation occurs in the body tissues. If these problems occur in the arm, arm lift surgery is performed.

Assessment Before Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift should be performed by a doctor who is an expert in the field of surgical intervention. Otherwise, the expected results cannot be obtained. The lubrication that occurs with the sagging problem varies between individuals. Therefore, each individual needs to be evaluated differently. Arm lift can be performed alone or in combination with surgical procedures such as tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation. Arm lift surgery offers more successful results, especially when applied together with liposuction treatment.

Occurrence of Scars After Arm Lift Surgery

Before the arm lift operation, the ratio of the fat tissue in the inner and back part of the arm and the rate of sagging that occurs are based on. In addition, the individual is informed by the relevant doctor about the scars that may occur after the arm lift surgery. The scar occurs on the inside of the arm and near the armpit. In this way, scars are very difficult to notice from the outside. In addition, when excessive sagging does not occur, scars can only occur in the armpits. Only liposuction treatment may be sufficient in cases where fat accumulation is excessive. However, arm lift surgery should be performed when skin sagging occurs with intense lubrication.

After Arm Lift Surgery

The arm lift surgical procedure is mostly performed under general anesthesia or, if necessary, sedation. The sagging skin and excess fat tissue from the inner and back of the arm are eliminated. In addition, if necessary, the liposuction method is performed on the other arm. The incision area is sutured in 2 layers. After the operation, the arm is wrapped with a soft cloth. Based on the general condition of the individual, he resumes his social life after 4 or 5 days on average. On average, after 10 days, the stitch marks lose their effect. A corset should be worn for a period of 30 days after arm lift surgery. Thanks to this action, it is ensured that edema is reduced and adhered to the remaining tissues in the lower layer of the skin. Surgical intervention scars lose their color tone after 30 days. After about 1 year, the prominence disappears completely. An online appointment can be made on our website for arm lift surgery.

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