Beard and Mustache Transplant

Humans have some characteristics different from other living things. One of these characteristics is the ego. People love themselves and want to be liked by others. For this reason, they resort to different methods. Because of all these reasons, individuals also want to look beautiful. They want to look beautiful both in body and in costume. This aesthetic pleasure is available to everyone without distinction between men and women. Accordingly, there are certain differences among people. Due to the fact that we will focus on it, it can be found in men, and in individuals whose hair and beard do not grow as well. So what can people who are not happy with this situation do?

Men’s Symbolic Hair and Mustache

Most, if not all, men would like to have a good looking hair and mustache combination. People who do not have this feature try to gain this feature in different ways. Our company, which offers one of these services, also works and works in line with this request. Some of the men use creams and drugs consisting of different components and solutions for hair and beard growth, while some men resort to beard and mustache transplantation. We are working to give you the best service with our expert staff. Men with or without beard and mustache achieve the look of their dreams as a result of our service.

How To?

The beard and mustache transplantation that men want to do is often done similar to hair transplantation operations, although not everywhere. Because these procedures, which are essentially the same procedures, fall under the specialty of plastic surgeons. We realize the look of your dreams with staff who are knowledgeable and experts in their fields. In this method, which is similar to hair transplantation, donors are taken from the nape hair and injected into areas that do not grow beard and mustache or do not grow enough. This process may take some time.

Treatment Duration and Prices

People have to pay a certain price for this treatment. This price is the price that is attractive in our company. In addition, a certain period of time passes during the treatment. This time and price basically change in direct proportion to the amount of hair transferred.

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