Brow Lift

The first signs of aging occur around the eyes. The eyebrows also take their share of these symptoms and hang down. In addition, the brow lift method is preferred for disproportionate eyebrows or to have more aesthetically beautiful eyebrows. Our clinic is the leader of the sector in this regard and increases the level of satisfaction to 100% with the techniques it applies. Our clinic, which applies the most advanced applications of the world at the same time in our country, provides its guests with the desired and aesthetic eyebrow appearance. Our professional and experienced team, with our completely sterile specially designed rooms for operations, realizes the eyebrow look that will suit every face in the shortest time and at affordable prices.

What are the Benefits of Brow Lift Methods?

The operations performed to create an ideal eyebrow in accordance with the facial structure are called brow lift methods. In our clinic, we not only solve the problems in the eyebrow area, but also ensure that this area looks younger and more beautiful. With different application methods, we make our guests’ hard, tired, nervous and old looks more lively and attractive. After the surgery, our guests also show the mimics that they could not use before without any problems.

What are Eyebrow Lift Methods?

Clinically, we carry out all the methods applied in the world in this regard. After examining our guests in detail and learning the eyebrow shape they want, we show the appearance that will occur after the surgery in digital environments. With the approval of our guests, we apply the following methods in our surgeries;

  1. The classical method: the method of stretching the temples
  2. Botox method: This method, in which we apply small amounts of Botox to the problem areas, takes about 10 minutes
  3. Ultherapy method: As a result of this method, in which we tighten the skin using ultrasound energy, no scars are formed. We achieve the desired look after a maximum of 3 months after the application, which we perform in around 10 minutes.
  4. Endoscopic method: In the endoscopic method we apply with local anesthesia, we make interventions through very small holes. In this application, bleeding does not occur and there is no scar as a result of healing.
  5. Brow hanger method: in this method, we make a small hole at the end of the hair and raise the eyebrows with the stitch we throw.

What should be done after Brow Lift Applications?

After all our treatments, we recommend mild painkillers to our guests. After our applications are over and necessary checks are made, our guests can return to their normal lives. In addition, we recommend not to apply make-up and massage to this area for three weeks, and to avoid direct sun contact.

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