Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a frequently preferred type of surgery that is performed by almost everyone. With the advancing age, the occurrence of sagging of the eyelids affects the person negatively. Anyone who wants to have a healthy eye structure also has eyelid surgery. It is a procedure that is done not only by women but also by men quite often. As Need Clinic Company, we work to ensure that our patients always look in the mirror happily.

Is Eyelid Surgery Dangerous?

Eyelids are not symmetrical on every person’s face. For this reason, thanks to eyelid surgery, the eye reaches a symmetrical structure and creates a beautiful image on the face. The surgery is an extremely easy operation. We perform the operation by providing regional numbness and discharge our patients on the same day. The duration of the operation is also very short. While upper eyelid surgery takes about 40 minutes, if it is desired to collect under-eye bags, this operation takes about 50 minutes.

How Is Eyelid Surgery Performed?

As Need Clinic Company, our primary goal is to make our patients feel comfortable. Then we draw the places that need to be taken on the upper eyelid and show it to our patient. Then we start the operation. The patient can talk easily during this operation, which is very short and painless. There is absolutely no pain felt because it is drugged.

The Healing Process of Eyelid Surgery

We care and value our patients. For this reason, we work with our doctors who are experts in their fields. Every patient is very precious to us, we want our patients to be sure that they are delivered to reliable hands. We are always there for our patients, both before and after the surgery. The healing process is quite fast. Bruising and swelling occurring during healing are considered normal for the beginning. However, we recommend that you do not put pressure on your eyelids for a certain period of time. As Need Clinic Company, we sincerely answer all your questions and help you to avoid any questions in your mind. As a company, we offer you the opportunity to have a healthy skin and a renewed person with the right specialist selection. You can easily trust our expert staff and employees.

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