Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is one of the most applied medical procedures. Many different types of applications have been made in the past in hair transplantation, which must be applied by specialist doctors in the field. However, with the development of the Fue technique, other hair transplant techniques have been moved away. With our professional doctor and assistant team, we make hair transplantation using the Fue technique in a guaranteed way. Since our establishment, we have been performing hair transplantation at the most affordable price tariff, free of charge.

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As the most preferred hair transplant center in the health sector, it also offers services in the field of medical aesthetics and general health. Thanks to our experienced aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists, nurse staff and anesthetists, we provide treatment services in a perfect and one hundred percent guaranteed way. We offer aesthetic and plastic surgery services in a very reliable way with our comfortable and hygienic surgical intervention and waiting rooms.

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We offer a wide range of services in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery. We offer Fue technique, DHI technique, unshaven hair transplantation, prp treatment and finally mesotherapy treatment from our corporate hair transplantation site. We act in line with the demands of our customers in our hair transplant service. In particular, we apply the fue technique in hair transplantation operations due to the many advantages it provides. In the Fue technique, especially the hair on the nape does not fall out, so we carefully remove the hair follicles from this part in a single amount and transfer them one by one using a special tool.

Advantages of Fue Technique

The most important advantage of the Fue technique is that there is no trace in the area where the hair follicles taken from the nape part are taken. With the Fue technique, the scars in the sections where the hair follicles are removed automatically close within 48 hours at the most. Since there is no scarring in the Fue technique, there is no harm in lengthening or keeping the hair short. Since the Fue technique is the most reliable hair transplant technique, the success rate is close to one hundred percent. Regardless of the age factor, those who want to have a hair transplant from all of our provinces can send a message from our corporate website or contact our hair transplant specialists from our 24/7 active phone number. They can learn all the details about hair transplantation from our hair transplantation doctors from our telephone line. You can contact us on our phone line for the price schedule of our hair transplant and other aesthetic and plastic surgery interventions.

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