Lip Aesthetics

Those who have thin lips or those whose lip structures begin to thin as a result of factors such as age may feel unhappy. For this, lip aesthetic application is performed in order to make lip plumping. In the procedures performed, attention should be paid to ensure that the lip structure is compatible with other facial features, nose structure, eyebrow and chin structure. Lips can be inflated proportionally to other parts of the face, and the facial image of the people can be made to look more beautiful. As Need Clinic, we are trying to provide quality service in the field of general health and medical aesthetic applications.

Lip Aesthetics and Its Importance

Plump and big lips have always been attractive and a symbol of beauty. Plump lips are shown as a symbol of youth, attractiveness and femininity as well as beauty. Our expert plastic surgeons provide the desired level of lip augmentation, allowing you to achieve the look you want. By making an appointment, you can safely have your medical aesthetic procedures done. You can reach us 24 hours a day through our website and set your appointment date and time. We fill the red part of your lips to make them more visible. All our transactions are healthy.

Types of Lip Filling

We apply all types of lip aesthetic at our center. The most preferred type is the one made with injection fillers. It is preferred by both doctors and patients that the injection material is applied quickly and simply, the procedures are cheap and heal in a short time. Our plastic surgeons complete this application in 10 minutes. As the other variant, reshaping the lips with the surgical method is shown. In the surgical procedures, the incisions are made in the inner part of the lip and the lips are shaped by tissue transfer. Since there is no incision in the outer part, there is no risk of scarring.

Things to Consider

Our medical aestheticians, together with those who apply for lip augmentation, are analyzed together with the procedures to be performed on the lips. In the analysis you will make, you should pay attention to the fact that your lips are in harmony with the structure of your nose. Before the procedure, you should ask your doctor to show you how your lips will look when the filling process is completed. According to these pictures, you can convey your expectations more accurately. Most importantly, you should take care that the procedures are performed in a clinical setting. Our experts do all their work in a hygienic environment at our center.

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