Neck Lift

Neck lift aesthetics is one of the most applied aesthetic procedures. It is an aesthetic operation performed by plastic surgeons in order to eliminate the signs of aging in the jawline and neck area of ​​the face. Neck lift aesthetics can be performed alone or in combination with facial aesthetics. Fat accumulations in the lower part of the chin, skin sagging and wrinkles that occur after years are the most basic causes of neck lift surgery.

The neck lift, which is not a laborious and painful type of surgical intervention, is successfully completed over general anesthesia for a maximum of 90 minutes. Neck lift surgery does not have any side effects. Neck lifting surgery can rarely be reapplied after many years, depending on the aging factor, especially if it is performed by a specialist in the field.

Things to Do Before Neck Lift Surgery

Before the neck lift surgery, our specialist doctors carry out detailed preliminary evaluations in the neck and face area, and after this stage, necessary plans are made about what kind of intervention can be performed in which area.

Smoking should not be used 21 days before the neck lift surgery. Anticoagulant capsules, slimming capsules and vitamin pills should not be used prior to neck lift surgery. However, for medicines that must be used for health reasons, a doctor should be consulted.

Things to Consider After Neck Lift Surgery

After neck lift treatment, the individual is hospitalized for 24 hours. Pain relief is provided through special chin and neck corsets. The individual can return to his daily life after 76 hours. However, as in other surgical operations, the individual must be protected from sunlight for 90 days after the neck lift operation.

Consequences of Operations in the Neck Lift Application

The results of the procedures can be permanent when the procedures performed in the neck lift application are performed by a plastic surgeon who is an expert in the field. It may recur in case of excess weight as a result of the lubrication problem in the lower part of the neck region. However, the problem of sagging certainly does not occur before the surgical intervention. Even in the advanced age range, sagging skin and muscle sagging do not occur before neck lifting surgery.

Thanks to our specialist doctors in the field, we perform our neck lift application in a guaranteed way, as in our other treatment services. You can contact us for neck lift operation.

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